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Early Keyboard Instruments

The origins of The Fine Woodworking Group are in Nick Martins time as an apprentice in the John Feldberg Workshops during the late 1970's. Since then he has made instruments for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Quality of tone and action, as well as fine cabinet work have always been the trademarks of Nicks work.

English Harpsichord
Click for a bigger picture - English Harpsichord (Copy after Slade 18th Century)
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English Spinet
Click for a bigger picture - English Spinet (Copy after Keene 18th Century)
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We have always made a fairly comprehensive range of instruments, including French and Flemish single and double manual harpsichords, an English single, an Italian single, Flemish and English virginals. We also make an English spinet and fretted and unfretted clavichords.

We like to achieve an authentic result in sound, touch and construction, and select only the finest and most suitable materials for our instruments.

English Virginal (Detail of Soundboard)
English Virginal (Detail of Soundboard).

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